Getting to Isla Nublar

Le voyage à destination d’Isla Nublar est un réel plaisir. Embarquez sur l’un des vols, de notre partenaire American Airlines pour le Costa Rica, puis montez à bord du ferry pour rejoindre l’Isla Nublar et Jurassic World. Comme John Hammond l’a déclaré un jour, « rejoindre Jurassic World prendra certes quelques heures mais vos souvenirs dureront toute la vie ».

Isla Nublar Ferry

You’ll ride the Isla Nublar Ferry across the Costa Rican Pacific to Jurassic World. The views can be breathtaking, and humpback whales have been known to greet our ferry. But don’t worry—there are no Mosasaurs outside of our lagoon.

Life saver ring printed with Isla Nublar

Getting Around the Island

Once on Isla Nublar, finding your way around Jurassic World is easy. Our air-conditioned monorail circumnavigates the island, reaching every attraction every 20 minutes. If you feel adventurous, many park paths are open for a tropical hike.

Monorail Next Stop


Arriving in 15 seconds

Triceratops Territory
Gondola Lift
Innovation Center

Isla Nublar From Above

Get a Pteranodon’s eye view of Jurassic World! Book your adventure now.

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